India's Finest Upcycled Glassware

Handcrafted from glass bottles


100% recycled

100% Recycled

Each bottles journey from the dumpster to our workshop proves its own authenticity. A keen eye may notice minute nicks and cuts that add character to your glassware that are otherwise invisible.

flawless finish

flawless signature finish

Our relentless passion reflects in smooth rounded edges perfected to a shine. With our specialised in-house technique and masterful craftsmanship each product features our flawless signature finish.

Array of products

array of product ranges

From Glasses to Planters to Lightings and more exquisite home decor products. With an urge to create and a simple glass bottle, the possibilities are endless.

no heat method to cut the glass

No Heat Method

Transforming each bottle without augmenting its shape requires little to no heat and thus allows us to conserve energy and maintain a low carbon footprint.

contribute glasses

Your contribution counts

As a start-up and an ecological initiative our conscious efforts divert only a part of waste produced in this country. But, our ideology strives to build a community that shares a common goal towards a much cleaner and healthier environment.

customise your glassware

customise your glassware

A perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary, your glassware can symbolise fondest memories of an auspicious occasion or a loved one. Customisation is our forte and its our pleasure to to cater to you

The Team

Everything created is designed to end up in the landfill, so I thought, ‘why not reverse the process and turn something from the trash into something beautiful and put it to good use.'

Mikhail Solanki Founder & CEO

Mikhail Solanki

An inspired Industrial Designer excelling with Class A Honours from University of Hertfordshire UK, Mikhail Solanki, unleashed a passion for quality and innovation by creating BÔTL in January 2015 and single handedly ranked in the business of up-cycled glassware. His diligence in craftsmanship proves his determined will to make a difference in today’s environmental challenges by moving towards a more sustainable future.

Rhea K

As BOTL’s leading artist with a B.F.A from Academy of Art University, Rhea contributes a unique combination of detail oriented intricasy and an experienced clientele professionalism that paves the way for BOTL’s true vision.









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